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Welcome to terra nova!

Since 1997, we have been helping people affected by a range of social issues to lead independent, responsible lives.

The people we care for live where real life is taking place: in the community. In small housing units or individual flats, or even in their own homes. Thanks to the team and management structures of our networking system, we offer all the advantages of a large organization, however.

At terra nova, we help people and provide them with the support they need – developing a personalized solution for each and every person we assist.

  • “How can I manage my money well?”
  • “How can I find somewhere to live?”
  • “How can I improve my career prospects?”
  • “How can I manage my relationship with my children or parents?”
  • or “How do I build good relations with other people?”

We provide you with support when dealing with questions like these. We also put you in contact with other drop-in centres which people can go to in order to get help with any problems they may have. And whether we are helping individuals, families or small groups, we always ensure that each person we care for is assigned their own individual contact person. We call this our personalized support system. We hereby guarantee that support is always tailored to the individual and can be personalized as far as is possible. We respect the personal circumstances of each of our clients as we tend to call the people we care for. They are thus met with appreciation and acceptance – this we guarantee. We always focus on our clients’ goals – those which we aim to achieve with them – not on our own objectives. Our clients must play as intensive a role as possible in the decision-making process.

True to our motto: “Give opportunities – live opportunities!”



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